Why the blog?

I lost over 21kg or 50 pounds following the Dukan diet and so far it's remained off.

Whenever folks asked me what I was following and I had to explain how the Dukan Diet worked typically their faces fell and the immediate questions was " what do you eat then?" immediately followed by "that's very limited". Which initially when you start I guess is true.

Especially if you read the Dr Dukan (recipe) book you get stuck with French style recipes only. I love French food trust me but these recipes seem to all be a variation on a theme and quite frankly a bit bland. I’ve come to the conclusion that to stick to the Dukan diet much more variation is needed and Asian seems to be the thing I’ve eaten most as I love the spices. But there's so much more you can cook. As such I've decided to add the best recipes here. Many are variations of traditional recipes then "Dukanized".

Good luck if you do decide to follow the diet.

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